Our training programs are geared for businesses and individuals who want knowledgeable, fast-track training. Our programs are 75% hands-on training and 25% lecture and include safety training, equipment use, material and filler metals. We specialize in training for manufacturers and industrial maintenance departments.

You won’t find this high quality of instruction elsewhere for such a reasonable cost.

Our Classes

Industrial Maintenance

Classes designed for Mechanics, Industrial Maintenance Depts and Automotive Repairs


Sheet Metal, Tubing, Structural or Pipe

LA City Licensed Welder

SMAW 3G & 4G Certifications,
Oxy. Cutting, Blueprint Reading,
D1.1 Code Book Clinic with
LA City Document Submittal

FCAW-S (232 Flux Core) 3G & 4G D1.1 Certifications


SMAW (Stick),

FCAW-S (232) or FCAW-G (flux core)

AWS D1.1 Structural Steel 3G & 4G,

GMAW – AWS D1.3 Structural Sheet Metal

Oxy. Cutting, Blueprint Reading,

Entry Level Welder Job Prep

Mig – Steel,

Tig – Mild Steel, Aluminum, Stainless,

Blueprint Reading for Welders,

Welding Symbols,

Shop Math & Measurement

Longshoreman Programs

SMAW 3G & 4G Certification,
AWS D1.1 Structural Steel,
Blueprint reading,
Oxy. cutting

Professional Services

Welder Certifications,
Welding Procedures (WPS),


Custom Built Training Programs to fit your requirements

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