Longshoreman Program -
D1.1 Structural Steel 3G & 4G Certifications (required to work at the ports)

SMAW 3G & 4G Certification to AWS D1.1 Structural Steel

Phase 1 – $1775

Beginning SMAW (stick) training (24-hrs), Blueprint Reading self-paced course (up to 12-hrs) and Intro. to Oxyacetylene Cutting (up to 4-hrs) )

Phase 2 – $2000

Vertical SMAW (stick) training (24-hours), two 3G practice tests and D1.1 3G vertical Test

Phase 3 – $2000

Overhead SMAW (stick) training (24-hours), two 4G practice tests and D1.1 4G Overhead testing

Total Combo Cost $5,775

WEBSITE SPECIAL: Pay-in-full $5775 on 1st day to get up to 16-hours extra training for FREE ($864 Value)

The entire program can be completed in 3-1/2 weeks (Monday-Thursday).



Los Angeles Certified Welder License by adding our LA City Code Book Clinic for $950

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